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The Hollow Knight Fanon Wiki is a collaborative wiki for any fan-made art, concepts, and more on Hollow Knight and it’s successor, Silksong. Whether you’re chilling in Discussions or making your own pages for fan concepts, you’ll be sure to have a great time!
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Discussions is a great place for you to interact with other users! Share your fanart, theories, concepts, and more, and respond to other user's posts to keep things active. You can also use this as a way to ask/answer questions, play games, or simply start up a conversation. Alternatively, you can set up polls to ask for an opinion, create a trivia question, and so much more! Use the "Categories" button for different topics.
There are no restrictions as to what you can post, so long as it's not inappropriate, so feel free to talk about anything, regardless of it's related to Hollow Knight or not!
The wiki is home to many articles created by users just like you! Browse different articles and view the many different fanon characters, locations, games, bosses, and more hosted on this wiki! Use this button to discover random articles, or use the search bar to search for an article by name. You can even leave comments on articles and compliment what you read. Don't be afraid to create your own article here either! Let your imagination out of the box! The Hollow Knight Extended Wikis are a system of three separate wikis for different aspects of Hollow Knight: the Fanon Wiki, the Theory Wiki, and the Speedrunning Wiki. The three wikis share a connected Discord server, which can be accessed by clicking here, or by clicking the box to the side of articles. Don't have Discord? Don't worry, sign-up is easy and both the app and the website are free! Jump in to gain access to more communication methods!
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The Hollow Knight Unified Multiverse is a unique feature to the Hollow Knight Fanon Wiki, where you can add ANY Hollow Knight-related character, location, item, and more to a hub-like article, which is featured here on the home page as well as at the top of the wiki in the Navigation bar! These connected universes open up a large possibility of new stories to be written and more interactions between the different characters of this wiki. As with all public domains, rules are needed in order to keep everyone and their work safe. We're against the idea of strict rules, as that takes away from the fun and flexibility of the wiki, though there are still a few guidelines you will need to follow in order to keep everyone safe! Read the rules here! Founded: February 26th, 2020
Founder: Jamabastion Hyness 99
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